Tilda Bumblebee

Tilda's newest line, Bumblebee, is due in stores in the New Year. Images are popping up on Instagram and it does not disappoint. Beautiful prints in delightful colours, adorable kits, patterns and accessories. 

We will have the entire collection in the New Year, hopefully in January or February. There will be quilt kits, 1/2 yard bundles, accessories, notions and more. Check the shop site regularly (Bumblebee tab) to see what goodies will be available and to see more details as they are added when they become available to me. I will hopefully be announcing the arrival of this gorgeous collection very soon!

(Images courtesy of Two Green Zebras)

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Jodi Pomponio

Jodi Pomponio

September 12, 2022

Hi where can I buy the patterns for the bee and hive? Or which book are they in? Thankyou

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