Tilda Circus

The Circus has *almost* arrived in town! Our order is shipping from Europe as I type this, and should be here in the coming weeks. 

This collection is so bright and whimsical, yet still with the prettiness and delicate prints as we have come to love from Tilda. If you are a follower of the official Tilda Blog (www. Tildasworld.com) then you will have seen these beautiful images. 

I have been blown away by the response in the shop, having sold out of pre-order bundles. Although we need to order these fabrics months in advance, I begged my distributor to see if there was anyway I could order more. I was unable to order everything, but did manage a few more bolts, so there should be plenty of yardage and extra bundles when it arrives. 

If you want to be the very first to know when it goes live in the shop {as I know the remaining goodies will sell out fast!}, please either sign up for my newsletter (you will find the sign up on the bottom of my home page), or follow me on Instagram. That is where I am most active.

I can not wait to see what beautiful things you create with this fabric. Nothing makes me happier than not only seeing people loving the goodies they have bought from my shop, but also from any shop around the world that sells Tilda. How lucky are we that we can finally purchase it easily right here in North America?

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