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Re-Stocking and other fun news!

Well, I am officially blown away by the response to my first batch of Tilda Cabbage Rose and Memory Lane. 

I knew it was beautiful, and knew others would love it too, but I didn't quite expect such an amazing response. For that, I thank you!

You may have noticed that there are many sold out signs in the shop. Not to fear, a brand new order is on its way and the shop will be re-stocked! It does take approximately a month to ship from Sweden, but hopefully will arrive sometime in October. 

In the meantime, I have decided to add two fun new goodies to the shop: Quilt Kits! I will be kitting the gorgeous Cabbage Rose quilt and the Tilda banner quilt made in Memory Lane. I first saw this version on the Tilda Australia Instagram page and they've kindly allowed me to use their images and go ahead and kit it for you. It was first made in Candy Bloom which was equally as pretty! 

I will have limited quantities of these kits. The details are in the shop section, although they are currently listed as sold out until I have the fabric in stock. 

I will post here again as soon as the kits and new stock are available (and will post on Instagram as well).

Have a most wonderful day!




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Darlene Blackmon

Darlene Blackmon

February 08, 2023

I love this quilt. Does the pattern come with it?

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