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Tensisters Easypiecing Grids {used in our Tilda Embroidery Quilts}

"The TenSisters EasyPiecing Grid allows you to create a traditional quilt in a non-traditional way. The EasyPiecing Grid is a printed, lightweight, fusible foundation made in the US. The printed grid comes in various size options to design the perfect quilt to fit your needs. Watch TenSisters TV on youtube for detailed instructions before getting started."

*The Tilda Embroidery quilt series are made from 2" cut, 1.5" finished squares. The process of sewing hundreds of these small squares together can be quite daunting! These Easy Piecing Grid's make putting this quilt together a breeze! 

*The Embroidery quilts require one package of 20 grids. You will use 18 grids for the quilt, having 2 left over for other projects. 

*If you want the ORIGINAL size of the quilt, as per the exact Tilda instructions, you need to purchase the 1.5" grid pack. If you'd like a smaller quilt, purchase the 1 inch grid pack. 


Size: 1.5" Finished 20 panels