By Annie's Basting Tape

Description from By Annie's:

    "This extra-sticky double-sided basting tape is excellent for sewing and crafting!


    • Works with fabric, paper, cork, vinyl, mesh, Soft and Stable, and more
    • Holds bulky/solid items that can't be pinned
    • Makes placing zippers, fold-over elastic, handles, and straps fast and easy
    • Simplifies attaching trims and appliques
    • Use to precisely position and hold items
    • Narrow width and low profile
    • Easy-to-peel backing

    Size: 3mm width x 20m (2 rolls x 10m each) or approximately 1/8" x 21.8 yards

    Instructions for use:

    1. Apply stitch side of tape to item, finger-pressing along tape's backing paper.
    2. Tear or cut to length.
    3. Peel off backing paper to expose the second sticky side.
    4. Position item and finger-press to secure.
    5. Sew pieces in place for a permanent hold."