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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

I bet you're asking yourself, how you happened upon a page about essential oils. This is a fabric/quilting/sewing website after all, and what does essential oils have to do with fabric? Well, nothing really, other than I am passionate about both! I have decided to add this page to my site as I find myself sharing my love for these oils more and more and having one spot to direct friends and family, and anyone who is just curious about these beautiful little bottles just made sense. Welcome to my story about essential oils and how they have changed my, and my family's lives.

My Story....

I had heard about essential oils on and off for a few years. I honestly resisted them as I felt this was something else I would end up buying and not really using (how about that PartyLite stash...I can't be the only one!).

I had been suffering with migraines for several years. After complete medical work ups (including CT scans, blood work, MRI), there was no real explanation for them. I would take migraine medications weekly, and had headaches almost daily. I looooooove having a yummy smelling home, but my wax melts were starting to trigger my headaches! I had heard that highly fragranced candles were quite toxic too, and they also brought on my headaches. I began to look for an alternative and remembered about essential oils. I decided to sign up, based solely on trying to make my home smell pretty! Well, was I in for a shock! There is SO much more to essential oils! In fact, making your home smell like a spa is just a lovely side perk.

I use my oils topically, diffuse them (aka a pretty smelling home), and ingest 'vitality' oils (a drop of citrus oil in my water every day is sooooo delish). I have spent hours upon hours researching on healthy habits, supplements and oils, and just as much time trying each oil and finding out first hand that they are changing my health and my life. I haven't had a migraine in months, I feel more energized, and sleep through the night, instead of my usual 3 am wake up time. These are but a few of the health changes I have experienced in the past few months. There is so very much to learn about oils, and not enough space here to write it all (though I love to talk about my oils and what they've done for me!).  

In addition to the oils themselves, I'm slowly transitioning my home to be toxin free, using all natural plant based cleaners that smell amazing, and work wonderfully! There is also a line of personal health care items such as moisturizers, shampoos, toothpaste and much more, all natural and toxin free. This is something I am also adding into my daily routine.

The Next Step....

So you'd like to know more. I encourage you to reach out to me (please use my contact page) if you have any questions at all. I'm happy to answer them for you! 

If, however, you'd like to try this out for yourself and are ready to order, here's how: 

1. Sign up at Youngliving.com and click on 'Become a Member'.

2. I would love for you to join our team, the Dwell Well Collective, which has incredible support, informative videos and resources, giveaways and more. To do so, please enter this number in both the enroller and sponser ID fields: 11566781. This is essential for adding you to our group and offering you complete support after your purchase.

3. Choose the Wholesale Membership to save 24% on your purchases. There are never any membership fees, no required auto shipments, no further obligation and no requirement to sell! Of course, if you prefer to just try out one or two products at a time, you can choose retail, but you will be paying 24% more for the products. There will be a question on the sign up page, asking if you'd like to belong to Essential Rewards. This is an automatic shipment program but is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. In fact, I did not sign up for 'ER' initially. However, once I realized that I loooooved my oils, and that by signing up with ER and adding to my monthly order I received a ton of freebies (last month my freebies added up to $125!!!), I signed up and am glad I did. I was hesitant at first, but it's become a blessing and a wonderful way to sample new products with all the free oils I earn. If you are in any way unsure about ER, then say no for now....you can always add that on later if you choose.

4. There are so many products to choose, what do I buy? I recommend your first purchase be the Premium Starter Kit.

The starter kit contains many of the most popular oils, a diffuser, and many more goodies. It is deeply discounted, and allows you to sample a wide variety of oils. This was my first purchase to introduce me to the world of essential oils, and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

I love sharing my Young Living Essential Oils story. If you were to come to my home, you would see my diffuser going, several bottles of oils in practically every room and Thieves cleaners and products in my cupboards. It has truly become a lifestyle for us, and I am ever so grateful that it did. I may have purchased the starter kit purely to make my home smell pretty, but what an amazing gift that in doing so, it has changed our health and our lives for the better. I would be honoured for you to join our oil community and find the same benefits for yourself and your family.



{Thank you to the wonderful team at the Dwell Well Collective for these beautiful images}