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The Stitchery Embroidery Kit: A Visit From St. Nicholas

Description from The Stitchery Studio: “There is nothing that makes me think of a Happy Christmas more than brightly coloured treats and prettily wrapped presents. No more tricky than my other kits but you do need to work carefully with satin stitch.

The kit includes a 10” square piece of hand-printed antique linen together with the threads and instructions required to complete the pattern. The finished piece is approximately 110mm square and would work beautifully as a little Christmas cushion, wall hanging or shelf sitter.

It is important to me that packaging and storage for my work is beautiful as well as functional. Kits from The Stitchery are packed in beautiful, sturdy, textured card folders that close with a hand-dyed silk ribbon. This means that they make lovely gifts as well as providing a home for your work in between stitching sessions.

To complete the kit you will also need a packet of crewel needles (a size 5 is a good all-rounder but you will need something like a number 7 crewel needle to work a perfect satin stitch), a pair of small, sharp, needlework scissors and a 4”, 5” or 6” embroidery hoop.

All of our kits have been completed by complete beginners but we do rate our kits on a scale of 1-3 to help you

The ratings are

1) Absolute beginner

2) Enthusiastic beginner

3) Accomplished beginner

This kit is rated - 2 - for Enthusiastic Beginners and above”