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Kittie the Cat KIT

*In Jean’s words: “Make your very own 6" (15 cm) tall heirloom quality fully-jointed kitty! Use the fabric of your choice to customize the look of your kitty and decide which dress (out of the 3 variations provided) suits your kitty best! (*Did I mention that these dresses fit Matilda bunny and the Lucky the elephant too!) As with all the teddy dolls, Kittie's head, arms, and legs will move so she can be posed and dressed like a little doll! So adorable.

You will love this quick sew method of sewing before cutting - it makes sewing small pieces a dream. Even better, there are no gussets involved in this design!

Learn all the tricks and tips I teach my kitty making students, the exact materials I buy, and where I get my supplies. Full tutorial-style instructions with colour photos included to make a kitty and 3 dresses. Learn jointing & how to attach eyes (*my secret to creating that teary "watery" eye look is included), and other ideas for adorable faces and finishing touches.

See more photos of Kittie (and her best friends Matilda bunny and Lucky the elephant) on Instagram @whatsmatildawearing, on my blog at sotreasured.com, at sotreasured by Jean Paccagnan on Pinterest, and my short videos at sotreasured on YouTube. You are also welcome to sign up for my free private newsletter at sotreasured.com to receive the latest news, updates, and special bonuses!

The kitties and dresses that you make using this pattern can be sold on a small scale if you mention that your item was made using a So Treasured design by Jean Paccagnan. The pattern designs (including all photos, diagrams, and written instructions) are protected by copyright and cannot be copied or used for sale, resale, or distribution however.”

*These dolls are heirloom quality when complete, made with the finest German mohair or viscose fabrics, glass eyes and high quality fiber discs and joints. Check Jean’s blog for several free clothing and accessory patterns for your doll.

*What’s included in your kit: Jean’s digital downloadable pattern, which includes the Kittie pattern, and variations, beautiful German viscose in colour wheat (image 3), inner ear fabric, a pair of handblown glass eyes and all pins and disc joints required for one Kittie, glass filler beads for added weight.

NOT included is the fabric for the clothes, any accessories pictured such as hats, bows etc, stuffing, or the shoes. We decided not to include the shoes so you can choose the colour and style yourself if you’d like shoes for your doll. The shoes are beautifully made and I highly recommend them! They fit perfectly on Jean’s dolls. You will also require basic sewing supplies and hemostats can also be very useful (you can purchase these at tool shops or craft stores). Other helpful tools are described in Jean’s pattern.

*Jean recommends Hobbs Poly-down fibrefill, but you may also choose a high quality stuffing of your liking.