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Sajou Fabric Queen's Bedchamber Palace

This is a reproduction ofthe fabric in the Queen’s Bedchamber in Versailles.
This gorgeous floral motif is known as “gros de Tours”, a heavy taffeta decorated with a cloud of flowers, ribbons and peacock feathers, also known as “The Queen’s Brocade”. The original fabric was woven in Lyon by Desfarges Brothers. It was dispersed after the Revolution and was re-woven in the 20th Century by Maison Lamy & Gautier, again in Lyon. Just as admirable as the wall hangings are the borders composed of roses and lilac. They are woven on an “apple green” base. These borders appear on each side of the fabric.
100% percale cotton - 140g/m². – GOTS certified.
Width of fabric: 150cm - Repeat motif: vertical 21.3cm - horizontal 20.6cm.
The border is 4.6cm wide and the repeat motif is 21.3cm.

Quantity: 1/2 Yard