Jardin de Poche Pattern with template included "Around the Bush"

This delightful and small project is for both embroiderers and appliqué enthusiasts. A traditional shape, the orange peel, revisited and extended to include a mini garden, a “Jardin de Poche” (pocket garden). Whilst keeping the embroidery to 3 or 4 of the most traditional stitches  you will make some gorgeous native Australian flowers such as Sturt Desert Peas, Eucalyptus flowers and much more…  even a Fairy-Wren. Discover or rediscover the some of the beautiful beauties of the bush.

In a working style booklet Veronique has given some suggestions for the colours of the flowers but after it is your garden so you need to choose your colours’ scheme. And there is even a section per flowers for you to write which threads and colours you are using for each specific flower.

The appliqué is simple, but it’s all in the fabrics ! Lovely Liberty lawns and 1930’s to give that fresh and timeless look, or choose favourite fabrics from your stash!

The whole project is on a linen/cotton background, the perfect setting for Liberty fabrics and embroidery. As for the quilting the word is KISS ( keep it simple s…).

Veronique has kept it small but it is up to you to double or triple some of your favorites flowers. You can even mix and match with the original Jardin de Poche pattern to make one larger quilt.