Emma Sjodin: 4 Piece Coasters ,Daisies/Butterfly

The Daisies is one of Emma Sjödin's original watercolour paintings and pencil drawings. In Sweden, the flower beds are filled with daisies in summertime. Often above these flowers there are beautiful butterflies. Emma was particularly drawn to these plants because of their wonderful bright flowers that contrast against their thin stalks. Even the underside of the daisies and their buds have captivating details.

Doublesided print! Daisies on one side and Butterfly on the other

Material Laminated birch veneer

Size 9x9 cm

Care Hand wipe with damp cloth

Made in Sweden

Environmental FSC-certification

Other The product is made one by one by hand, and the paper is also eco-labeled and Swedish manufactured.

Images from emilysjodindesign.se