Amiably True: Christmas Goose and Friends Square Panel

*This exclusive line is designed and manufactured in Italy. We are honoured to be the first shop to carry this product in North America

Colored illustration with the watercolor technique, digitized and printed on 100% cotton gabardine, worked in Italy, weight of 280 g / m2

*A quick and easy way to create your own pillow covers, or use as a panel for a quilt or any creative project.

Washing tips : delicate machine wash max 30⁰, spin at low speed. Use phosphate-free detergent. We do not recommend the use of bleach and strong stain removers. If you use capsules or other detergents that are inserted directly into the washing machine drum, make sure that the detergent does not come into direct contact with the printed side of the fabric. Fabrics printed with pigment inks are more vulnerable to damage when wet. It is not recommended to clean smudges or wipe wet prints.

Do not dry in dryer. If the fabrics are hung on a clothesline, discoloration may appear where the fabric folds - this can be avoided by hanging a folded towel on the line under the fabric.

*Sold per panel (approximately 18” x 18”)