Sajou Fabric Queen's Bedchamber Trianon

This is a reproduction of the fabric from the Queen’s Bedchamber at the Petit Trianon in the gardens of the Versailles Palace.
This is a magnificent floral motif of rose bouquets and cornflowers on a white fabric. The original fabric was embroidered by Marie-Olivier Defarges, from Lyon. This marvellous cloth covers the famous “wheat-ear furniture”, created by Georges Jacob: the wood is sculpted and painted with wheat ears braided with honeysuckle and sprigs of jasmin, embellished with lily-of-the-valley and pine cones. As is the tradition, this fabric had borders on each side.
100% percale cotton - 140g/m². Certified GOTS.
EXTRA WIDE: Width of fabric: 150cm - Repeat motif: vertical 51cm - horizontal 11.6cm.
The border is 4cm wide and the repeat motif is 51cm.
Quantity: 1/2 Yard