Drawstring Marketbag class

This online class shows my step by step process of making the Drawstring Market Bag found in the Acufactum book, Homemade in the Summer Time. I will show you the imperial measurements I have used (the pattern is in metric) and give full instruction on how I made this bag. The Homemade in the Summer Time book is a gorgeous book from the German company, Acufactum. The book is only published in German, and while I find it easy to translate using Google Translate (we have a free tutorial for this on our website), I know that having a video with verbal instruction would be helpful to many. This is NOT a full translation of the pattern (which would be against copyright), but a verbal description of how I made the project in the book. You MUST have the book to complete this project. All templates, full instructions and more are only found in the book and not in this video.