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Emma Sjodin Design

Bringing Art Into Your Daily Life

One of my absolutely favourite 'non-quilty' companies that I work with is Emma Sjodin Design. I discovered Emma on Instagram and messaged her to see if I could import her gorgeous home decor lines to sell in the shop. Let me tell you that her products are over the top gorgeous. The quality is amazing, and the design speaks to my heart. I thought you'd love to learn more about Emma. She is so sweet and lovely to work with and I am so happy to introduce you to this talented Swede. Read on to hear from Emma (with the help of Google translate).

From Emma

My name is Emma Sjodin. I am from Sweden and live in the countryside on the farm Frovik.

I started my business many years ago, actually 20 years now. I am both an artist and have an education as a graphic designer, but ended up working mostly with textile art. I get my inspiration from the nature around our farm. I love wild flowers and also beautiful insects like butterflies, bees and also little birds.

My plans for the future is to paint more flowers, insects and winterbirds. At first I will do a third bird, a little robin. Then I will also paint a waterlilly with a dragonfly. Next year I will exhibit in Paris!

Keep It Simple

My main theme for this year is to enjoy life, take care of loved ones, but also myself. To choose every day and before every decision what is best for health, happiness and well-being. End bad relationships and cherish the good ones ❤️
Things don't have to be so complicated. In the pictures here, I have, for example, set the table for dinner and coffee in the middle of our barley field. I had long had an inner image of how this table setting could look like and was just 'forced' to realize it last fall 😊

For this year I have more plans on the farm. First on the agenda is to sow a lot of flowers in the field. Just because…

Art For Your Everyday

You can see all of Emma's products on the website now. As a huge fan of interior design and decorating, I am thrilled to be able to offer these gorgeous small batch products from Emma, all lovingly made in Europe.