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Amiably True

Amiably True

Allow me to introduce you to one of the sweetest, most supportive ladies I have met on social media, Veronica Arzedi, of AmAbilMente Vero (Amiably True). Several years ago, I reached out to Veronica, as I ADORED her fabric and would love to have it in the shop. At that time she was not offering her fabrics wholesale to shops, but not long after she messaged me that she was now able to offer her products to me. I ordered a large selection of her beautiful fabrics and it was such an exciting day when they arrived from Italy!

Hand Painted

The designs are hand painted by Veronica, and then a local fabric mill digitally prints her designs on fabric. They are sweet, whimsical motifs such as Peter Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland. Her Christmas fabric has been a particular favourite with customers (A Christmas Goose? What's not to love about that!).

After stocking her fabrics for several years, I now consider Veronica a dear friend. She is so supportive and kind. Last year she was diagnosed with serious illness. Even through the treatments she was the most giving and kind person. She is a truly special lady. Keep reading to hear more of her story in her own words (sent in Italian, translated not so perfectly by Google).

Meet Veronica Arzedi

"Welcome to my little world of fabrics, colours and creativity. In my articles there is everything that makes me feel good.
Creating relaxes me, it transports me to a parallel world where I can transform my ideas into tangible objects that smell like memories. With them, I like to think above all of producing emotions, eliciting smiles and transmitting positivity. 

My mind is always on the move, always looking for something new, fresh stimuli that lead me to growth not only professionally but in my life. I'm a perfectionist, I love small details, things done to perfection and all-female collaborations. I consider myself lucky, there is no greater joy in life than doing what we like best and makes us feel good. Love, Skills and many ideas in the Mind.  This is what my creativity represents, this is what AmAbilMente Vero represents.

Q & A With Veronica

-When did you start your business?

 In 2015, when I was expecting my first baby, I decided to close my real estate business to enjoy motherhood and her first year of life.  I've always been a creative person, as a little girl I created my swimsuits and crocheted shirts, I had become very good at cross stitching, embroidering and creating with decoupage.

 In my baby year I resumed creative sewing and created my first Nanny (a rag doll) the first of a long series, I attended my first sewing class and many activities that made me feel good. I also started a calligraphy class, I was lucky enough to meet a very good Italian patchwork teacher who generously taught me many little tricks and with the pandemic I opened that box of watercolors I had bought years before.

 After having fun creating I decided that this would also be my job, on March 8, 2021... on March 8, 2021 I opened my business as a craftsman and trader for online sales and now I can say it was the right choice I could have made. Don't do what others expect of you but listen to yourself and have the courage to do what makes you feel good, only in this way will you be a happy person ❤

-Where do you live in Italy?

 I live in a splendid and fascinating island in the Mediterranean which preserves ancient traditions and a millenary culture, where mysteries and legends are preserved, a land rich in colors and flavours, made up of unspoiled nature, the sun, long sandy coasts, dunes and of pristine coves, countryside, woods, natural pools and enchanted places such as the domus de janas, the nuragic villages, the menhirs, all often wrapped in an expected mistral wind that refreshes the air on the hottest summer days.

 An island that I felt cramped as a little girl but that as an adult I learned to appreciate and consider my safe haven, my home.


- Plans for the future?

 The disease in the last year has taught me to live the present day by day, enjoy the small goals and do what I like most, all in small steps and with positivity. There are always many ideas, like the desire to grow and reach more people and pass on my knowledge. I truly believe that creativity should be shared and I will go wherever it takes me, always with great humility and will to live ❤

 - Veronica

In Studio Now

I am so honoured to have been the first shop in North America to carry Veronica's beautiful fabrics, and I know I won't be the last. I hope those who have ordered her fabrics from the shop now have a glimpse at how special they truly are. Not only beautiful to create with, but made by the hands of such a lovely person. You can find all her products below.