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The Stitchery Embroidery Kit: Stitchery Lane Greengrocer

"The Greengrocer" is the Ninth embroidery kit from The Stitchery Lane series which was our subscription project for 2021.

The kit includes a 10” square piece of hand-printed antique linen together with the threads and instructions required to complete the pattern.

You will need to source your own hoop, needles and a sharp pair of scissors.

The kit contains a gatefold instruction card in vellum packaging as per the standard packaging for our subscriptions.

TIP: The vellum packaging is recyclable but can also be used as tracing paper to help trace our online designs onto fabric!

The finished design is approx 16cm x 9cm.

Note: Our antique linen is sourced from France and so each piece will be unique in terms of colour, texture and weight and may differ from the linen shown in the listing.

All of our kits have been completed by complete beginners but we do rate our kits on a scale of 1-3 to help you

The ratings are

1) Absolute beginner

2) Enthusiastic beginner

3) Accomplished beginner

This kit is rated - 2 - for Enthusiastic Beginners

TIP: Some painting or colouring is optional - help can be found on our website blog or further resources can be found at studio.nickifranklin.com

Help tutorials that feature common stitches used in this kit can also be found at studio.nickifranklin.com