Sajou Sewing Set: Farandole Alsacienne

Sewing box containing embroidery threads and materials. It is decorated with label with the image of our Farandole Alsacienne fabric.
  • a pair of small gilded stork scissors,
  • a nickel-plated thimble,
  • a small red seam ripper,
  • a booklet of 20 round-tipped embroidery needles Farandole Alsacienne motif
  • a small Farandole Alsacienne click-clack tin containing 8 baby cocoons of sewing thread,
  • a red Sajou tape measure,
  • a box of 6 coloured crayons in a Farandole Alsacienne box,
  • four cocoons of Calais thread (6932/fire, 6934/cornflower, 6935/avocado and 6950/cappucinno),
  • five cards of Retors du Nord embroidery thread (2005/black, 2030/red, 2196/ivory, 2445/olive and 2529/gold),
  • two cards of our Laine Saint-Pierre embroidery threads (116/light grey, 596/dusky pink),
  • a card of Rochefort thread (white-red).
The baby cocoons will be great for oversewing the edges of your projects and the crayons are extremely useful for marking reference points on your fabric or pattern.
The box consists of two trays, the top one with two small Sajou ribbons can be removed. It is covered with one of our white and blue papers. Motifs can vary. Farandole Alsacienne label on the top of lid and round Laine Saint-Pierre label on the inside.
Size of box: length 15cm - width 12cm - height 5cm.
It is also available empty.
Our cocoons are also available so you can replace them once they are used.
The box and its content are MADE IN FRANCE.