Double Zip Wristlet Kit

Step out in style with a pretty and useful wristlet. This charming accessory keeps all your little essentials—phone, cards, lipstick, keys, and other necessities—organized. Two handy zippered and lined compartments hold everything securely, and provides you with hands-free convenience.

Kit includes two 8" zippers with water droplet pull and one swivel hook and D-ring set.

Finished size: 8" wide × 4.5" tall × .75" deep.

Extra zippers and swivel hook and D-ring sets are available.

Please note that there is an error on page 3 of this pattern. The text that corresponds to the fourth photo on this page should say “Fold the strap in half, RIGHT sides together, and sew the ends together with a 3/8" seam.” In the next step, you should turn the strap right side out so that the wrong sides face each other and position the clasp between the seam allowances.