Acufactum Nut Shells

The most beloved motifs cavort in the walnut halves that are scattered on the green fabric. Together with leaves, ferns, apples, cones and berries, they complement each other magically. A little gnome and a mouse have made themselves a cozy bed, a mushroom is growing there on a soft moss carpet, a small candle shines brightly and the robin is also making itself comfortable. These loving drawings by Daniela Drescher make the heart beat faster and invite all kinds of creative ideas. Motifs: Daniela Drescher


*Color printed 100% cotton fabric, 145 cm wide (approximately 57 inches), 100% cotton, made in Europe, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

*Please note that this is extra wide fabric, printed to width 145cm (57”)


Quantity: Fat Quarter
Fabric total length:

The minimum cut for this fabric is fat quarters, For anything over this, fabric will be one continuous cut in the yardage displayed below:

Fabric in yards: