Haveyou ever seen a beautiful product and decide you must have it, only to discover it's difficult to find without shipping from overseas? That is exactly how my shop came to be, on my quest to find beautiful European and British fabrics, needlework and craft accessories. My journey began with Tilda fabric. While this brand has long been popular in the UK and Australia, Tilda fabric was much harder to find in North America and I set out to provide an online source for this gorgeous Norwegian brand. As my online shop and creative endeavors progressed, I have added other beautiful European and British products to the inventory. I also occasionally add locally designed fabrics and other pretty goodies from many different manufacturers as long as they fit the shops esthetic, as curated by yours truly. I pride myself in being one of the first online retailers of Tilda (since 2015), the first retailer of The Stitchery kits (2020) and the first retailer of Acufactum of Germany (2021), and the second retailer of Belle and Boo (2020) to the North American market. I am also truly honoured to partner with British designer Nicola Dodd to bring you an annual Block of the Month program. I look forward to sourcing and expanding our lines, as well as providing sew alongs, tutorials and an upcoming event space to a community of like minded creators who love a similar esthetic.

My Story

Once upon a time, you could find me vaccinating puppies, spaying cats, and doing all things veterinary. In fact, during my clinic ownership days, the ladies I worked with thought it was funny that I would be binding quilts in my office between appointments or during a rare break. I would attend quilting classes in the evening, but rarely made it through a class without the pager going off and having to leave to attend to a veterinary emergency. Several years ago, I sold my veterinary practice, to be home with my three girls and I filled nap times and preschool days with sewing, crafting and creating. It wasn't long before my fabric stash grew, my tastes refined, and I fell in love with all things Tilda. There are so many other fabric and pattern designers and quilt styles I admire and love, but Tilda holds a special place in my fabric loving heart.

My girls are growing, my veterinary career is on hold, but this newest venture of bringing beautiful British and European inspired products to my American and Canadian friends, has filled my days...between snack fetching and play time, that is.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where are you located?We are located in the foothill of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. However, we specialize in providing Tilda fabrics and accessories to both the USA and Canada.

2. How do you ship to the USA? Canada? We are extremely fortunate to live close to the US/Canadian border, and therefore ship both USPS direct and Canada Post. It's the best of both worlds: No international shipping rates or lengthy shipping times no matter which side of the border you are on!

3. If you are Canadian, why is your website in US dollars? This is simply because 95% of my customer base is in the United States. I wanted to list my prices in the currency of my largest customer base.

4. Will you ship internationally outside of USA and Canada? I have recently added shipping to the UK and Australia. Please realize that the shipping fees are exactly what USPS charges, and as an international shipment, this is quite high. I’m also unable to guarantee when they will arrive, and international shipping can be especially long during the pandemic. I have had shipments to Australia take as little as 5 days and as long as a month, using the exact same shipping method. It is unfortunately inconsistent and completely out of my hands once that package ships. For other countries, I will try to refer you to another shop near you, if I am able. Please email me via my contact page, and I will do a referral for you if possible.

5. When you’re sold out of a Tilda collection, why don’t you just restock it? Tilda works a little differently than many other fabric companies. I order months and months in advance, and once that order goes in, I am unable to add to it or modify it in any way. The warehouse only brings in the amount that is ordered. If I am lucky, they MIGHT get a little extra due to a cancellation, but this rarely happens. Unfortunately this means that once I’m sold out, I am unable to get more and Tilda does not reprint their collections. The one exception is the basics lines. I am able to reorder these on an ongoing basis, but if the warehouse is sold out of a particular print, we need to wait for a shipment from Tilda, which currently comes 3 times a year, to restock that basic print. I completely understand that this can be frustrating (it is for me too!) but in a way, it is in part what makes Tilda special-a boutique fabric that is not sold en mass at any craft store :)