Sajou Wooden Case for Tapestry Needles

Small wooden case needle containing sewing needles in a vintage style.  

It measures 6cm high, with a diametre of 1.4cm and contains six N°26 round tip tapestry needles.  

The lid has a silkscreen printed black Sajou "S" and the body of the tube is covered with a floral label indicating the content.

This model is part of a collection of six tubes: embroidery needles, sewing needles, millliners needles, darning needles, oversewing needles and tapestry needles.

We have also made a tube holder to display your complete collection of needles. (Please note: Sajou was sold out of this product, but we will be bringing it into the studio as soon as it's available)

The tube holder makes a perfect pair with our small bobbin holder. (see above note re: sold out)