French Armoire by L'Atelier Perdu Small Friends in Sage

French Armoire captures the feeling of hiding away long-kept treasures and cherished memories. Sweet, little motifs are playfully scattered throughout the various prints, providing a range of scale and movement,

Armoire is the French word for a large antique wardrobe where long kept treasures and cherished memories are hidden. French Armoire is connected to my childhood when I used to spend wonderful holidays in the Burgundy countryside - this was another time, a much slower pace when I would hang around in the warm summer breeze and dream away to the sound of the old sewing machine coming out from an open window. ~Natalie



Size: 1/2 yard
Fabric total length:

The minimum cut for this fabric is 1/2 yards, For anything over this, fabric will be one continuous cut in the yardage displayed below:

Fabric in yards: