Fleur & Flame Candle Rosalee English Rose Garden

This nostalgic fragrance of roses is the perfect pure blend of a bouquet of roses. No need to wait until your own summer garden or the chance to take a trip to England you have your beautiful femine aroma here in one simple jar.

“Feur & Flame candles are what every home needs. These hand-poured candles have a soft aroma that can transform any space into a serene tranquil oasis. Each fragrance captivates the senses. I love burning these candles during the day to help reset my mood or in the evening to help me relax.”

Each candle is made of the very best products with an all-natural soy wax, cotton wicks, no harsh chemicals, 30-50% longer burn time than paraffin wax, & quality fragrance oils.

*hand poured, small batch soy candles. 10 oz

Made in United States of America