Pre-order {50% deposit} for Old Rose 1/2 Yard Bundle


Pre-order {50% deposit} for Old Rose 1/2 Yard Bundle


*this is a pre-order only for a 1/2 yard bundle of Tilda Old Rose. (20 pieces, cut by myself).

*this is a 50% deposit, and the remaining amount of $55 plus shipping will be billed at time of shipping

*Tilda Old Rose release is October 1, 2019, however, we may receive it slightly later in North America. I am unable to give an exact shipping date. It may be sooner, or later and I have no control over when it arrives. 

*pre-orders are NOT required, and you may wait until the shipment has arrived and purchase as per usual. However, pre-order guarantees you will receive this bundle before it sells out. Past collections have sold out very quickly, so pre-ordering is recommended.

*You will receive an email when the second payment is due. Therefore, please make sure your email is entered in correctly. Once you receive the email, please hop onto the site to pay the second half.

*at the time of shipment, you can add on other items if you wish, to your order and shipping fees will be calculated then.

*once item arrives in stock, please pay asap or please get in touch with me if you need to make other arrangements.

*all prices are in USD

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