Tilda Circus

The Circus has *almost* arrived in town! Our order is shipping from Europe as I type this, and should be here in the coming weeks. 

This collection is so bright and whimsical, yet still with the prettiness and delicate prints as we have come to love from Tilda. If you are a follower of the official Tilda Blog (www. Tildasworld.com) then you will have seen these beautiful images. 

I have been blown away by the response in the shop, having sold out of pre-order bundles. Although we need to order these fabrics months in advance, I begged my distributor to see if there was anyway I could order more. I was unable to order everything, but did manage a few more bolts, so there should be plenty of yardage and extra bundles when it arrives. 

If you want to be the very first to know when it goes live in the shop {as I know the remaining goodies will sell out fast!}, please either sign up for my newsletter (you will find the sign up on the bottom of my home page), or follow me on Instagram. That is where I am most active.

I can not wait to see what beautiful things you create with this fabric. Nothing makes me happier than not only seeing people loving the goodies they have bought from my shop, but also from any shop around the world that sells Tilda. How lucky are we that we can finally purchase it easily right here in North America?

Vacations, updates and new arrivals!

Hello! I trust that the holiday season treated you all well and you are ready to start 2017 filled with plenty of sewing and crafting projects. I, for one, am eager to start the year off right (in the sewing room of course!). I have several projects planned for this year, which I will share the details with you on another blog post.

While I am hot off of my break from Christmas holidays, I am somewhat reluctantly having to shut down the shop for a wee bit longer while my husband and I enjoy a holiday in Mexico. It has been 10 years since we have taken a vacation alone together, and I'd say we are past due! This opportunity came rather unexpectedly but we jumped at the chance. We will return on January 15, and I am hoping, hoping, hoping, that Tilda's Bumblebee arrives shortly afterwards. It will be listed in the shop and announced the moment it does. We usually receive it a bit later than our Australian friends. It was just released there so will be here very soon!

I also received a huge order (23 bolts!) of discontinued, no longer available, but absolutely gorgeous older Tilda lines. There's some real treasures there, including accessories, paper goods and of course, fabric.....lots and lots of fabric! It will also be listed as soon as I am back. The absolutely most exciting part is this lot of goodies came to me at discounted prices, and I will be sharing those savings with you. Any fabric in this grouping will be $10/yard, which is unheard of for Tilda lines! Think backings and yardage for borders etc. This was a one time special and I will never be able to get these discounted prices again. The accessories will also be discounted from the regular price. I have kits, scissors, ribbons, paper goods and so much more. I am just giddy with excitement. My husband is a wee bit worried I will keep it all for myself. While this is awfully tempting, I know my limit and will enjoy a small offering, but list the rest on the website.

With that I will leave you, while I pack to leave the snow behind, to welcome sand and sun.

Happy New Years and as always, thank you so much for supporting my little shop.

(ps if you placed an order from my shop over Christmas, not to worry, it will be shipped out before our vacation. If you'd like to order something before I shut down again, please do so before midnight, January 3, as I am taking the last mail first thing on the 4th before we leave. Any orders placed between January 4-15 will ship when I return. Thank you.)



Re-Stocking and other fun news!

Well, I am officially blown away by the response to my first batch of Tilda Cabbage Rose and Memory Lane. 

I knew it was beautiful, and knew others would love it too, but I didn't quite expect such an amazing response. For that, I thank you!

You may have noticed that there are many sold out signs in the shop. Not to fear, a brand new order is on its way and the shop will be re-stocked! It does take approximately a month to ship from Sweden, but hopefully will arrive sometime in October. 

In the meantime, I have decided to add two fun new goodies to the shop: Quilt Kits! I will be kitting the gorgeous Cabbage Rose quilt and the Tilda banner quilt made in Memory Lane. I first saw this version on the Tilda Australia Instagram page and they've kindly allowed me to use their images and go ahead and kit it for you. It was first made in Candy Bloom which was equally as pretty! 

The Cabbage Rose quilt featuring gorgeous appliqué 

The Cabbage Rose quilt featuring gorgeous appliqué 

A gorgeous sample of the Memory Lane Banner kit, picture courtesy of Tilda Australia (Two Green Zebras)

A gorgeous sample of the Memory Lane Banner kit, picture courtesy of Tilda Australia (Two Green Zebras)

Unlike the original Candy Bloom version, Tilda Australia has added extra borders, and these will be included, as pictured, in our new kit as well.

Unlike the original Candy Bloom version, Tilda Australia has added extra borders, and these will be included, as pictured, in our new kit as well.

I will have limited quantities of these kits. The details are in the shop section, although they are currently listed as sold out until I have the fabric in stock. 

I will post here again as soon as the kits and new stock are available (and will post on Instagram as well).

Have a most wonderful day!




A Quick Update...

Hello Friends, 

I am popping by to let you know that I received word from the warehouse that the new Tilda collections, Cabbage Rose and Memory Lane are due to ship from Europe to us in North America this week. If all goes as planned, I should have them available to you in approximately 2 weeks (maybe sooner!). 

Please check back, but I will announce their arrival on Instagram (@willowcottagequiltco). I  am working on adding a feature that allows you to sign up for news, such as new shop arrivals, but this may not be ready in time for this release.

In the meantime, I have listed all the new Tilda items in the shop. Please do not let the 'sold out' fool you.....the web platform I am using automatically sets that prompt when I have entered zero as the stock quantity. However, I really wanted to give you a 'coming soon' sneak peek so you can start making those wish lists!

I will be back very soon, and in the meantime, there are many pictures of the new fabrics on Instagram and various blog hops in Australia and the UK (where the fabric arrived a bit earlier than here in North America).

Happy Sewing!


Tilda Cabbage Rose and Memory Lane

Quite possibly my favourite Tilda fabric lines ever will be Cabbage Rose and Memory Lane. Of course, they aren't in my hands yet, so I will reserve judgement until we are face to face, but the images I have seen are simply dreamy.

The Tilda Cabbage Rose quilt pattern. Image from Tilda's World blog.

The Tilda Cabbage Rose quilt pattern. Image from Tilda's World blog.


Sneak peeks have popped up here and there on Instagram and such, and you can view the catalogue on issuu.


I have ordered the entire lines, plus all accessories. You can check them all out on my shop (not to worry, they're not 'sold out', but are 'coming soon'.....)

Image: Tilda's World blog

Image: Tilda's World blog


I am already planning and plotting my first projects. Are you as excited as I am for this release? What will you be making?