Have you ever seen a beautiful product and decide you must have it, only to discover it's difficult to find without shipping from overseas? That is exactly how this site came to be, my quest to find beautiful Tilda fabrics and accessories. While this brand is popular in the UK and Australia, Tilda fabric is much harder to find in North America. I set out to provide an online source of Tilda products to the US and Canadian markets. While I'm at it, I figured I would add other pretty goodies here and there, curated by yours truly. We pride ourselves in being one of the first online retailers of Tilda in North America (since 2015) and in providing top notch customer service.  We welcome suggestions to continue to improve in order to give you the very best online shopping experience. We ship both USPS and Canada Post direct, so no international shipping rates, no matter which side of the border you are on! Welcome to the beautiful world of Tilda!

My Story

Once upon a time, you could find me vaccinating puppies, spaying cats, and doing all things veterinary. 6 years ago, I sold my veterinary practice, to be a full time Mom to my three little girls. I had always loved crafts, sewing and quilting, and filled nap times and preschool days with these passions. It wasn't long before my fabric stash grew, my tastes refined, and I fell in love with all things Tilda. There are so many other fabric and pattern designers and quilt styles I admire and love, but Tilda holds a special place in my fabric loving heart.

My girls are growing, my veterinary career is on hold, but this newest venture of bringing Tilda products to my American and Canadian friends, has filled my days...between snack fetching and play time, that is.